Weekly Update

 In English, Model UN, Social Studies - 8th Grade, Very Well Minded

January 27-31

Seventh Grade Social Studies: We will continue to study the beginnings of our nation as we delve in to the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. We will explore the motivation behind the Louisiana purchase, along with examining the relationship between the United States and the Native Americans who occupied the land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase. We will study the importance of Native American culture and resistance during this time period, along with the significance of the Louisiana Purchase on U.S. relations with the Native Americans.

As a reminder, my office hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during lunch.

Eighth Grade Social Studies: We will continue our study of the Holocaust by studying Jewish resistance to the Nazis regime, the liquidation of the ghettos, and transportation to concentration camps. On Friday, we will be hosting a guest speaker in the small gym. Our guest speaker is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors and is going to speak on her experiences.

As a reminder, my office hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during lunch.

Very Well Minded: We are closing out our unit on study skills. We will take our unit exam this Friday (1/31). Students have a study guide that we will be going over in class. Please encourage your student to review their study guide at home this week.

Model United Nations: 



We have our first team fundraiser ready to go! We will be doing a Goodwill Donation Drive, this Saturday, February 1 at Power Campus, during STEM Fest (9am-1pm). Goodwill will pay us for every pound of donations that we gather. We will be setting up a booth to collect donations and ask that students come help run the booth during the times that they aren’t presenting their projects. This is a team fundraiser to help pay for the cost of our travel team and offer future scholarships for conference fees, so we appreciate everyone’s support! I have attached the flyer so that you can reach out to neighbors, post on social media, etc. If you have items that you would prefer to drop off during the week, I can store them in my classroom.


We will also be hosting a Pasta Night on February 21, here on Power campus. This fundraiser will also help us raise money for the travel team and future scholarships. I will send further logistics (tickets, silent auction info, etc.) later this week but just put it on your calendars! This Pasta Night fundraiser is a mandatory event for all team members.


MCC Conference


We will be headed to Mesa Community College for our last local conference on February 7th and 8th. We do not have access to the school van for this conference, so Ms. Tenney, myself, and Mrs. Hennessy will be driving students to conference in our cars.


On Friday, we will leave school at noon and return around 8pm when you can then pick your student up from school. We will have students text you when we leave MCC. On Saturday, students need to be at school, dressed and ready to go, no later than 8am. We will return around 6pm. We will have students text when we leave MCC.


Dinner will be provided by MCC on Friday. Lunch will be provided by MCC on Saturday. Students should bring snacks, laptop, laptop chargers, pens/pencils, papers, and their Model UN folders to conference.


Dress code for this conference is business attire. Boys must wear dress pants, dress shirt, tie, jacket, dress shoes, and dress socks. Girls may wear dress pants, dress shirts, business appropriate skirts and dresses (knee length), heel, flats, sweaters, and jackets. Please note that jeans and sneakers are not permitted.